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Solid 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Teardrop Beaded Earrings, Handmade, Designer, Gift for Her, Earwire

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Teardrop Beaded Earrings, Handmade, Designer, Gift for Her, Earwire

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Benefits of garnet gemstone:-

A fiery stone which energies your life and surrounds your life with a shield of protection is a Garnet. Priests have been recommending garnets since time immemorial to soldiers because it was a common belief that wearing this translucent stone can protect you against wounds and heal them. If you don’t believe that check out health benefits of wearing jewellery. Garnet was also used in ancient cultures to use as a swearing stone because the garnet is representative of commitment and honesty.

The whole craze about garnets is because it is one of those stones which can have a panoramic effect on your life. That means it can exert a positive effect on almost every aspect of your life and get along with a very broad horizon of energetic needs. Mars is the planet that rules red garnet stone.

Garnets or popularly called the pomegranate stone (GRANATUM means pomegranate in Latin), is not only one of the most beautiful and lavish stones in the world of astrology but possesses innumerable benefits like benefits of wearing sapphire stone . Here is the list of the benefits that wearing a garnet can give you

Health benefits of garnet stones:-

Garnet is an awesome gemstone when it comes to medical healing properties. A garnet can help you improve multiple aspects of your health on a sustainable basis. The noteworthy effect of garnet can be observed on the cardiovascular system of the body. garnet regulates the entire blood circulation of the body. It cures circulatory disorder. Chances of hemorrhages are essentially diminished when you are in contact with a garnet. Not only these, garnets help to detoxify your blood from potentially harmful free radicals. People who suffer from iron deficiency have been immensely benefited by Garnets. If your hemoglobin count is less than normal, even then you must try a garnet. Garnets have been especially efficient in barring blood poisoning or rather the spread of poison. They also help to protect the body against injuries, inflammations, and infections.

It has a positive effect on both the mental and physical health of the wearer.

When it comes to astrological benefits, it is very important to know that garnet is the gemstone which is associated with protection. The positive energy of garnets creates a hallow around the person to protect them from all upcoming mishaps. That is the particular reason why garnets are mostly prescribed to travelers because they step out of the home very often and need maximum protection.

Garnets also kindle the fire of love, romance, and passion in relationships. If you want to stabilize your romantic relationships or are suffering from the missing love luck in your life, a garnet is the perfect stone for you.

Prosperity is also closely associated with garnets and hence, for those of you who are not running your business ventures pretty goof lately, you can try placing a garnet on your workstation or your cash boxes. It helps a lot in influencing the positive vibes to energies the success in your business. Garnets are also capable of providing a great boost to all the budding entrepreneurs. So, if you need a strong initiation in your workplace, you can try out a garnet.

Garnet is like a good luck charm for bringing vitality and spontaneity in life. It is of great help for those of who are suffering from lack of confidence or low esteem. A garnet can light up happiness in your soul and is an extremely lucky stone indeed.

Description of Product :.

This Long Designer Chandelier Earring is available in 3 options on Sterling Silver Metal, Other Options are 18 KT Gold Plating & Rose Gold Plating.

Stone : Garnet Teardrop Stones

Closure : Ear wire

Metal : 925 Sterling Silver

Finish : Option of Silver, Gold & Rose Gold.

Shipping : Free Shipping with Standard Option

Returns : 15 Days Return

Packing : Comes in a Fancy Jute/Cotton Drawstring Pouch.

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