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Solid 925 Sterling Silver Genuine American Turquoise Dangle Earring earwire. Handmade, Wedding Anniversary & Birthday Gift for her / Girls

Solid 925 Sterling Silver Genuine American Turquoise Dangle Earring earwire. Handmade, Wedding Anniversary & Birthday Gift for her / Girls

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Metal : Solid 925 Sterling Silver

Stone : Genuine American Turquoise,

Closure : Earwire

Finish : Available in Silver, Rose Gold.

Returns : Accepted within 15 days of Receiving.

Shipping : Free, By Standard Courier , Usually Takes like 15 days to Deliver.

Packing : Comes in a Fancy Jute / Cotton Drawstring pouch.

Benefits of Turquoise :

It is extraordinary good for liver ailments , for protection against eye ailements and good for throat infections. It protects the wearer against untoward happings, accidental dealth or violence of any kind. It generally protects from enemies too. It denotes courage and love.

It is a symbol of youth, vatality and innocent love. It bestows a sence of general well being to the wearer. The meaning of the word it Turksih. This gem was originally found in Turkey.

It is one of the first gemstones mined and varies from sky blue in colour to greenish. It is commonly found in microcrystalline, massive form, usually as encrustations or as nodules. Sky blue coloured from Iran, is the best, but in Tibet a greener variety is found. Mexico and USA also produce greener variety. Chile, Australia and England(Cornwall) also produce it.

The distinct blue colour is due to presence of copper and traces of Iron. It has hardness of 6, specific gravity of 2.80, Refractive Index 1.61- 1.65 and is chemically Hydrated copper aluminium phosphate. The crystal structure is Triclinic and the formula is CuAI6(P04)4(0H)8.5H20. It has amazing property of helping in disorders of female reproductive system. It increases eyesight, tissue regeneration and circulation.

This Birthstone is very effective in headaches and migraines. It also decreases fever, cataracts, and effects of environmental pollution, anorexia, and stress. It balances circulation, tendons, ligaments, throat, thymus gland, and nerves.

It is very powerful in curing headaches and body pains and is good for those belonging to birth numbers 4 or 8. The user is bestowed with the qualities of generosity, magnanimity and honesty. He will also be found to be dutiful and of liberal views. The wearer will also be associated with ideas connected with expansion, joy, happiness and prosperity.

It bestows an aristoratic and royal type of temperament and thinking. It is also strongly recommeded for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

It is a vibrant light blue stone often seen in southwestern jewellery. It is reasonably priced and quite lovely. The name many have come from the word �Turquoise�, French for Turkey, because of early belief that the mineral came from that country. Another possibility could be that the name came from the French description of the gemstone, �pierre turquin� meaning dark blue stone. 

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